Wednesday, September 12, 2007


a really small house

a church

the most awsome stroller in the whole wide world in front of the church

a street full of restaurants....

a teeny tiny alleyway that the stroller couldnt easily go down so daddy and papick check it out.... (papick is what william calls patrick now)

this is either the church or the burg... can't remember which.... sorry... :)

shad is its real gold but i say naaaaaaaaah

ah .... asleep at last...

this was just pretty

huge clock tower that you could go up in but like everything else in europe it cost....

kids in awsome stroller again

on the side of a church

cool statue in a fountain... there was also one of a mermaid but she had water squirting out of her you know whats.... I didn't think it was funny but shad did...


dame des hauses at 8:06 AM


so happy

on the bus to brugge, belgium..... :)


dame des hauses at 8:05 AM


getting even

this is what happens you make little william wait for supper..... he gets even!


dame des hauses at 7:50 AM


Friday, August 3, 2007

a little story

i came upon this scene the
other day.....

so i thought id see what would come of it...

see that smile? mhhmmm...

well what are you looking for little william?

your trying to find
somthing.... what is it....

reaching... and pushing ....

almost got it.....

oh there it is ... unattended

lets see... hmmmm

what does it taste like?

oh mom... please.... oh wait what is that....

somthing is hanging from that thing in front of moms face... that thing that keeps flashing....

what is this hanging off of here.....

can i get it in my mouth? maybe if i get closer....

ooo... uhoh... just let me get it....

oh never mind... oh yeah what are those guys doin over there..... hmmmm

heee heee heeeee


dame des hauses at 5:36 AM


Monday, July 23, 2007

saturday the 21st

well we were invited to yet another kids b-day party... and yeah its usually the same old , same old... but they played a fun game which gave us great blackmail material for future use...

and we also all met an astronaut and got his autograph! his name was william! only got a pic of him with patrick and smiley though.... waited as an afterthought to go and get william a signature


dame des hauses at 8:03 AM


Thursday, July 5, 2007

happy 4th

well here it is... this is what we did for explore the eiffel week..... of course they give us three days off during a holiday we already get off! anyways.... the first set of pictures is in a little town not too far ... there were some ruins in the middle of a vineyard.... that was beautiful... as you can see the weather wasnt the greatest.... but its not cold.... we're dressed up because we went to a really nice restaurant afterwards.... i mean they served us in a fancy way and waited until no one was eating before bringing the next course... the food was excellent i thought... shads steak was mooing realy bad but everything else was excellent!
the next set of pictures is from the 4th. we went to bernkastel.... as many times as we've been there we've never really just walked around... so i found a cool tea shop with excellent tea i highly recommend and also youll see a pic of the skinniest building ive seen yet in germany... didnt find out exactly how wide it is but it looked about 4ft from the outside... in that same building we found an atelier! he had some awsome little things he was making... little vignettes! so cool! hes from england... came from spain last though.. been in bernkastel for 5yrs! really cool stuff and reasoble prices!
then we kept goin up the hill to the castle.. the rest of the pics are self-explanatory.... it was good... how was your 4th?


dame des hauses at 2:32 AM